What Is A Business Coach?

A business coach is a service provider who insures each player in the company is
achieving his/her optimum performance. Business coaching is very similar to sports
coaching; a coach is there to make sure the athlete executes plays their competition
does not anticipate.

A business coach is not an adviser, consultant, therapist, or a counselor. A business
coach could be the aforementioned, but his/her job is more about what these practices
are here to address. The coach’s job is to make sure that the business team members
are learning and are held accountable for their commitments and to the mission of the
team. The principle job of a business coach is to implement commitment-based teams
and organizations.

In the post-information age, successful businesses are the ones whose owners and
board members are preoccupied with the learning of leaders’ and teams’ phenomenon.
They realize that their employees input and creativity matters. Business Coaching is the
practice of caring for these vital and existential business concerns.


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