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The internet confronts us with a plurality of values at a level of immediacy unimaginable to previous generations. At work, at play and at home, we are unavoidably connected to people from all over the world. In organizations large and small, project teams are increasingly virtual, consisting of people based in dispersed geographical locations, from different cultural backgrounds and value systems. To flourish, even to participate in a meaningful way, in our world today requires the cultivation of a new kind of pluralism. This pluralism is a mindset that goes far beyond tolerating diversity, to actively engaging with others to articulate shared goals and commit to working together to achieve these. This new kind of pluralism requires a new skill set, which we call the Orchestration of Commitments in Pluralistic Networks.

Taylor Protocols has 20 years of proven technology and experience in the business optimization arena in working with over 700 clients. The Taylor Protocols™ are designed to optimize the people equation in organizations in ways never thought possible before. Created in the throes of turnaround management, a revolutionary 10‐minute assessment – The CORE VALUES INDEX™‐ was developed to measure and quantify what Maslow called a person’s innate, unchanging nature, to see where people can rise to their place of highest and best contribution and shift the human productivity bell‐curve and destroy the 80/20 Principle. Whether it is through our Top Performer Profiles in Hiring, Human Capital Audits, or Executive Team Profiles , we save our clients time, money and frustration and at the same time increase revenue, margins and profits by factors that they generally believe is not possible.





The purpose of ICFLA is to provide support, education, training and resources to practicing and aspiring professional coaches in helping them enhance their professional skills, and grow their practices. ICFLA actively promotes awareness of coaching to the community at large.


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