What if 2012 was about creating emptiness?

There is something special in the air….. we can feel it…. projects are bursting, culture is shifting and I don’t know about you but I want to be part of it !

For me 2012 is going to be about taking the BIG LEAP into my stronger, deeper power so I can serve and contribute even more.

In 2011 I can celebrate some outstanding success including running a very powerfull MasterMind group for Entrepreneurs and having my very first book published. Being interwiewed on TV, seing my book becoming a best-seller and on the cover of some major magazine in France and now about to be translated in many languages. You can read all about this on my blog http://www.istopcomplaining.com)…

I have reached a great level of success but now I have a new problem…. can I sustain this level of success ? Have I reached my upper limit ? Is there more that I am meant to do ? I really want to anchor my expertise and contribute even more to society… but who am I to think that I can do that ? There is probably other people doing it better than me already ? I still have so much to learn ?
I know I can really make a difference but sometimes my fears take over my creativity and I can get lost in my confusion.

As I am embarking on this journey of growth and continuous learning in 2012, it became VERY, VERY clear that I had to create space to give birth to my bigger mission and vision.

There is no way I could create anything new, anything that would really contribute to make a difference in people’s lives if I had to do it in between clients appointments, business paperwork and family responsibilities.

So I recently decided at the end of 2011 to simplify my life. I choose to focus all my attention on the participants of my MasterMind group and then keep only a few opening for a few selected High Level VIP clients.
With my new organization, I Coach for about 30 hours a month and I can bring a decent income and the rest of my time is pretty much EMPTY !!!! but this emptiness is the cradle of my ideas and my inspiration. During that time, I dance, I exercise, I read, I meet other professionals, I create clarity in my vision and I do a lot of writing.

I need this emptiness so I can fill it with my thoughts, my ideas, my reflexion and my inspiration.
You can watch this video that is presenting the link between time and creativity.


How about YOU, do you want to create something big in 2012 ? do you have a project that you want to give birth to ? are ready to take your big leap ?
What type of EMPTINESS can you create in your agenda ? It can be an hour a day ( I wrote my 1st book from 6 to 7 am every morning) or a day a week or a week-end a month….

If you want to create some space to be inspired and become clear on your vision for 2012 , I would like to invite you to a very special event on Wednesday January 25th a 6.30pm at the beautiful and very unique Nextspace Downtown Culver City: “Wake up and Make 2012 an Outstanding Year!”. All previous workshops have filled to capacity – REGISTER NOW to secure your spot.


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