“The Money Is Going To Come” Business Owner Talks About Sales Opportunities

Written by Ashleigh Blatt, PMP

“I feel that luck is preparation meeting opportunity.” -Oprah Winfrey

Whether your dream is to own a business that supports a healthy lifestyle or to live large, opportunities and sales are an important part of the process that will allow for your dreams to come true. Davon, the owner of a $10 million consulting firm, believes that “the money is going to come and the opportunity is going to come”, and what you do with both will determine the success that will follow. He believes a big part of his success has happened because he has been able to make the most out of the opportunities that have come his way.

The natural question that follows is how does someone make the most out of an opportunity??

Prepare For the Opportunity
Your experience, whether it is your life experience and/or your work experience, is preparation for opportunities to come your way. However, experience alone will not generate the luck required in small business success. Most small business owners agree owning a business is a lifestyle and that you are always working on it. Making the most of your opportunities is the result of hard work; you must continue to create offers and continue to learn. As a small business owner there is a requirement to continue reading and researching, formulating a plan, creating a product or service, delivering the offers and continuing to prepare for opportunities that will come. This preparation is the beginning of the process in how someone makes the most of opportunities.

Create an Opportunity
Many business owners state that they have created opportunities for their business growth by “pounding the pavement” and getting in front of their targeted customers as much as possible. Trae, a successful business owner of a promotional products organization, initially started his business with a small list of clients and cold-called prospective clients to generate new leads. Ralph Velasco, an award-winning travel photography instructor and international tour guide, generated new leads by offering photography classes for the local community. Taking action by putting offers in front of their target client base is how business owners create opportunities and generate sales.

It is also important to note that while a lot of time is also spent perfecting the plan, message and quality, business owners agree that the number one requirement in generating customers is generating offers. By creating an offer to a potential client, you, the business owner, have the opportunity to generate income if the potential client says Yes! Or you have a chance to practice and test out your service, message and delivery. Each offer presented is an opportunity puts you one step closer to your goals.

Recognize an Opportunity
Opportunities may be in right in front of you. A majority of business is created from extending contracts on current clients or referrals from current clients. Your product or service, if structured and messaged appropriately, may have a broader reach than you realize. Use each opportunity as a possibility to grow your business.

Maximize an Opportunity
When opportunities present themselves, make sure you speak up! An opportunity comes and goes. Speak up, present yourself and your product! Use the time to generate an offer or practice your skills. When an opportunity arises, what will you have done with it??

Remember, Davon, the business owner that generated $10 million last year?? He thought one of the top places he was most successful was in making the most out of an opportunity. What will you do?

Ashleigh Blatt (www.girlwhocould.com) is coach, consultant and professional speaker who works with business owners and executives who are overwhelmed and tired of spinning their wheels.  Using her natural ability to get to the root of the situation, Ashleigh optimizes business processes, time management and team communication to create a profitable and balanced work lifestyle.


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