Are You Repelling or Attracting Your Audience?

As entrepreneurs, public speakers, and people who want to share their message with with world, it is vital to the success of our businesses that we attract potential clients and business partners.   Women in the coaching world especially want to connect with other women to inspire them and help them to transform their lives and their businesses.  Sometimes a person can want to connect so badly and so urgently that they unintentionally repel the people they are meant to help and even unconsciously push them away.

This weekend, I offered a workshop titled, “The Body, Breath, and Voice of Success: Own the Room!”  During the workshop, I had the participants stand in front of their audience, their fellow participants, and identify what they do with their bodies when they speak about their businesses.

Everyone was surprised to discover how tempting it is to lean in towards the audience in the attempt to connect with them.  This physical response to being in front of an audience is quite common and it also requires the legs muscles to tighten, the knees to lock, the lower back to grip, and the neck muscles to clench.  With all of this tension, it’s more difficult to breathe and the voice is either scratchy sounding or high-pitched.  Not very attractive.

Even more intriguing was the effect the” lean in” had on the audience.  People in the audience felt like they wanted to lean away from the speaker.  They read the body language of the speaker as saying “Please like me.”  One of the listeners noticed that she had a harder time paying attention when the speaker was unintentionally leaning in towards the audience.

When entrepreneurs and public speakers step in front of their audience, often the last thing on their mind is their body.  Add nervousness and excitement on top of that and you become tense, fidgety, uncomfortable, and scattered.  You lose the attention of your audience at best, but even worse, you can make them so uncomfortable that they are repelled and don’t want to listen to your message!

If you do get nervous or don’t feel comfortable in front of your audience yet, do not worry!  There are “tools” you can learn in order to ground yourself so you are open, dynamic, and charismatic!  You can learn how to attract your ideal clients with grace and poise.

Here are a few technique you can try when you are speaking of front of an audience:

1)  Pay attention to your feet on the ground  and your legs underneath you.  This grounds your nervous system so you are calmer.

2)  If you notice you are leaning in towards your audience, slowly allow yourself to release back into your back.  You might even feel like you are leaning backwards but it is because your body is so used to leaning forwards.

3)  Slow down…  If a speaker gets very excited, they tend to rush and push their voice out with tension.  When you take your time, your audience can really hear your words, understand them, and appreciate them.

4)  Smile in your eyes.  I will even tell my clients to have a mischievous  thought in mind.  This brightens the eyes and you literally become more attractive.  People like to be around happy people.

During the workshop, it was powerful seeing everyone release out of the “lean- in” and move up to their full height.  They looked stronger, their voice filled the room, and they drew the audience in to them.

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