Are You Doing Everything? 5 Tasks You Can Safely Outsource Today

When I included two hours of my Virtual Assistant’s time as a gift to my clients, the clients were excited, but then I heard from several of them who weren’t quite sure how to spend those two hours.

I was surprised to hear that spending another person’s time was a challenge, until I remembered the early days of my business when I too was doing everything. After all, I had significant business experience and education, so I could do my own bookkeeping, customer service, copywriting, graphic design.. right? I quickly learned that the “do it all” path leads to burnout and low earnings.

The year I expanded my team I was able to increase my revenues by 300%.

Here are my personal top 5 projects to outsource to a Virtual Assistant this year:

1) Editing and re-purposing my articles to be posted on guest blogs, newsletters, article marketing sites, and other sites that will increase my online visibility. Yes, even this very article can be easily edited and re-posted by a Virtual Assistant.

2) Newsletter production: while I enjoy writing the content, the production piece (formatting, proofreading, finding images,
pre-scheduling) can easily be outsourced. I know that finding and uploading just the write image to illustrate my point can be tedious, time consuming, and frustrating, while my wonderful VA actually enjoys the process. And she is faster at it than I am! So a task that can take me 1-2 hours per week might only take Susan 30 minutes. That’s ROI I can get behind!

3) Building and updating sales pages for my programs and products.
Even with an easy-to-use system like WordPress, this eats up hours of my time for every program launch.

4) Billing and customer service: after a very costly attempt at setting up my merchant account on my own, while also juggling about 12 important projects, billing was the first task I outsourced. I haven’t looked back since! I also find it more professional to have a separate team handle payment processing, while I focus on delivering service.

5) The newest project on my VA list is to update all my professional membership profiles on various sites with the latest bio, pictures, and contact information.

As with many investments, when we step up to receive help – even for 1 hour a week – we open the space for bigger opportunities to come in.

What are the tasks and projects in your queue that are taking up your valuable time? How many of these can be delegated to an employee, and intern or a virtual assistant? How much of your time will that free up, and how can you spend that time on making sales, expanding your expertise, or taking an extra hours to sleep instead?

Lana Goldenberg is a marketing consultant and coach with a passion for ending the entrepreneur overwhelm and overspend. She works with small business owners to help them be seen and be found online. For more information please visit:


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