5 “Non-Salesy” Ideas For Social Media Posts

Are you tired of talking about yourself?

Promoting your business is an important reason to use social media, but your readers and followers probably don’t want to hear Buy! Buy! Buy! from you every day.

In our last Lunch with Lana webinar, I provided 5 examples of “non-salesy” social media posts that increase your Online Visibility. If you one of these suggestions per day, you will have enough to cover the entire week!  Some of our clients even make nifty schedules that follow this list.

  1. Offer real value:  this means sharing a tip, or an idea about how your product can be used. One of my favorite brands, Fresh, recently posted this on its Facebook page: “Want to throw an at-home spa party? Pick up Fresh Seaberry Restorative Body Cream, Brown Sugar Body Polish, and a Brown Sugar Candle.”  Now they’ve turned me from a regular shopper into “hostess with the mostest” and gave me a reason to stop by their boutique!
  2. Demonstrate your credibility and show how you continuously develop your expertise. For a techie like myself,  clients want to hear that I am in the loop on the latest Google changes, Facebook versions, and new trends such as QR codes. I could claim I am an expert in these, or I could show what I am learning.
  3. Promote your clients & success stories. The old adage of “show, don’t tell” holds true in social media. Let’s say you are a wellness coach and one of your clients just reached a big milestone. Use social media to congratulate them, which will serve as a subtle but powerful testimonial for you as well! “Congratulations Suzie on completing your first 10K run! When we first met, Suzie had a hard time walking a mile.”
  4. Promote others in your network. What goes around comes around, and this is particularly true with lending promotional support to your colleagues. Make a goal of promoting one business friend or colleague per week. Your readers will appreciate the information, and your colleague will return the favor! It’s a win-win-win.
  5. Share resources. Everyone wants to know where to find a superstar assistant, free activities to do with their kids, a reliable web host, a good place to eat, a headset for their phone, or a bank that’s open on Saturdays. Do you have one to recommend? Share away! Give a shout-out to your favorite restaurant, business resources, or a superstar team member.  Again, win-win-win.


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